Livelihood and social security

  • Vrutti's experiences demonstrate that economic reason is one of the key factors that make key populations to contracting HIV - forcing them to engage in sex work, and adapt behaviours that increase their risk to contracting HIV. A financially secure key population, withaccess and control over her/his financial resources will be able to negotiate for safe behaviours. Financial security becomes a fall back mechanism for her/him when faced with a crisis (illness, violence, death of a member, other family and other shocks), ensuring that she/he does not resort to any risky behaviour.
  • Vrutti works through its tested model of 'Financial Security' (FS) in which it helps KPs to acquire adequate financial literacy and capability, plan her their short and long-term financial needs based on her/his vulnerability and key needs, and ensure access critical financial services through a variety of institutional mechanisms.
  • It is not sufficient to just build awareness, but ensure end-to-end solutions to enable adoption, given that the key populations are stigmatised and isolated, and their requirements are not addressed by mainstreamed institutions. Needs of key populations are unique - with savings products, collections at door-step/ on the field, flexible and peer oriented procedures, cash-based transactions, etc.
  • Towards this, Vrutti helps key populations establish appropriate levels of Community Institutional Mechanisms (such Business Correspondent/ Facilitator, State-specific Cooperatives, Self Help Groups and Associations and Multi-State Cooperatives), and nurture them to make 'business-viable and market-worthy' units. Vrutti supports these institutions as service providers and believe in the combination of 'people wisdom with professional competence' to bring about lasting and deeper impact.
  • Vrutti's dream is to bring change at scale. It adopts 'modelling the interventions' through SOPs, Unitisation, Resourcing, with a flexibility to customise, and work with partners to co-create and scale up models. For most of the above mentioned community institutional mechanisms 'proof of concept' is available.
  • Vrutti currently has its field base in five states - Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, covering about 180,000 key populations.
Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Telangana
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The objects of the interventions under Financial Security for the Key Populations are that they are:

– Aware or having knowledge of their short and long-term financial needs and

– Have access and control over financial resources to be able to address all critical financial needs , and not to resort to high risk behaviour making them vulnerable to HIV due to financial pressures


Key Population numbering about 200,000 in 102 locations across four states of India – Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Details are as given below:

· Four States – Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra · 102 community organization – 80 COs of FSW and 22 MSMs · A total of 206,938 key population of which 182045 are FSWs and 24893 are MSMs/TG · A total of 126209 key population have membership in community organizations

Vrutti's Role

Economic empowerment activities providing critical assistance to women, enabling them to generate income, increase bargaining power, transform that bargaining power into desired actions and outcomes, build a savings base for emergencies, and avoid selling assets that may affect their future livelihood. To that end, gender-responsive economic empowerment/strengthening activities giving women access to and control over vital economic resources.