Growing prosperity of small producers

  • Vrutti works through an 'entrepreneurship-led' model to bring about lasting and scalable impact among the farming community. Making farmers realise that 'agriculture/ farming' is an enterprise, farmer as an entrepreneur, and services through entrepreneurship led approaches is unique to Vrutti. We achieve this through our model Farm Enterprise Faciliation Center Model (FEFC), delivering farm advisory and planning, enabling enterprise development and linkages for inputs, farm services and marketing, establishing infrastructure by the farmers and entrepreneurs, and strengthening producer organisations at various levels
  • Vrutti adopts 'Farm-Farmer-Family' approach; while it starts with farm, to bring about transformational change, there is a need to reach and bring change among the farmers and family. Facilitating solutions for all three levels is critical.
  • Vrutti's dream is to bring change at scale. It adopts 'modelling the interventions' through SOPs, Unitisation, Resourcing, with a flexibility to customise.
  • Partnerships, Knowledge and Policy for Scale - Vrutti directly implements programmes, but believes and works/ co-creates with a number of organisations in the sector through its ' enterprise enablers' product, and also contributes through knowledge products and in policy forums.
  • Vrutti currently has its field base in six states - Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and has been supporting partners across different states of India
  • Farmer's Producer Organisation