Strategic Engagement to Improve Effectiveness

Vrutti provides support to development partners to improve their strategies and results. Vrutti undertakes consulting projects under this strategy, such as creating business plans, developing proposals, writing project reports, and mapping.

Vrutti has sustained long-term engagements with many projects using this strategy, including 9 years with CCCYC, and covering 90 organisations with NABARD in Tamil Nadu. Vrutti has been able to provide strategic support in critical areas to large numbers or households, and has also broken into new areas of development, such as Climate Change and Pasture Land Development.

Projects implementing this Strategy and associated Resources are listed below.

NameStrategy ImplementationLocationDonor/sPartner/s
National Rural Livelihoods MissionSupport provided through UNDP for NRLM partners cover close to about 25,000 families across four partnersAndhra Pradesh, Odisha Government of IndiaJattu Trust, Kovel Foundation, Sahayog Community Coordination Network, Regional Centre for Development Cooperation
GIZ - PLDStrategic Engagement to Improve EffectivenessRajasthan GIZ, Ministry of Environment and ForestsNABARD
Revitalisation of Rain-fed AgricultureStrategic Engagement to Improve EffectivenessTamil Nadu, Karnataka NAVarious network NGOs

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