Knowledge Hub to Extract and Transfer Learning

Vrutti strongly believes in creating and sharing usable knowledge, and in facilitating knowledge exchange between all its stakeholders. Vrutti aims to become a knowledge hub on all aspects of sustainable livelihoods. Vrutti’s extensive experience in the sector and its unique strategic approach allows it to harvest knowledge from the grass-roots and transfer learnings to all the stakeholders.

Vrutti has developed and contributed to networks and learning platforms, created knowledge products, and organised numerous training groups, training sessions, and exposure visits.

Projects implementing this Strategy and associated Resources are listed below.

NameStrategy ImplementationLocationDonor/sPartner/s
Integrated Water Resource Management Sharing: Institutional Models, Step by Step Approach, Institutional Assessments, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra PradeshEuropean UnionGender and Water Alliance, Development Support Centre, Youth for Action, Swasti
Revitalisation of Rain-fed AgricultureKnowledge exchange through the networkJawadhu Hills,Tamil Nadu, Karnataka CIKSVarious network NGOs

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