Child Focused Community Development Programme

The Churches’ Council for Child and Youth Care (CCCYC) is a non-governmental child-focused development organization based in Bangalore, India. Initiated in 1959, CCCYC has been supporting many development projects in India. Over the years, the focus has widened to include communities, while maintaining special attention on children. The process of strategy change resulted in the introduction of the Child Focused Community Development Programme. The CFCD Projects are being implemented in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Vrutti over the last few years has been providing support to the CFCD Project team in the areas of planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of CFCD projects in the four southern states.

Child Focused Community Development Programme (CFCD) is one of the larger and more sustainable impact programmes of CCCYC, supported by KNH Germany. The project strategies differ from the conventional Service delivery approach’ to a ‘rights based community empowerment approach’. There are about 16 CFCDs currently being implemented by various Church of South India dioceses across four southern states. Vrutti has been supporting these projects since their conception in 2005. Vrutti has established a learning site for the livelihood promotional model, based on a 3E approach (entitlement-employment-enterprises). This approach has been widely adopted in all the CFCDs. Other CFCDs are also being implemented by NGO partners, directly supported by KNH.

As of 2012, Vrutti took up a final evaluation of CFCD Nirmal (implemented by CSA, Christ University, supported by CCCYC) and mid-term impact assessment of Balashakthi CFCD (implemented by RCPDS). Vrutti has extended support to CCCYC for undertaking mid-term review of SJDT CFCD. Vrutti has also provided technical support in making a presentation on CFCD programme during KNH delegation visit last year.

Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka
Mainly CSI Dioceses and a few Private Partners, including SGTA and CSA
Churches' Council for Child and Youth Care and KNH Germany
Sustainable improvements in quality of life and well-being of marginalized communities and their children in India
Vrutti's Role
Facilitating rights-based approaches, convergence, community empowerment, sustainability, women and child development
Vrutti Strategy
Strategic Engagement to Improve Effectiveness
4,800 individuals