CCCYC Community Farm

Vrutti is currently implementing the project of Community Farm with the support of CIKS and SOFA in a land of close to 30 acres. The farm was intended to be an enterprise that will generate employment in the localities of Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu which was the worst affected area in the Tsunami disaster in 2004. The farm also intended to provide knowledge inputs to the communities around, without diluting the focus on profitability and sustainable agricultural practices. Community organisation is strengthened through women Self Help Groups in the locality. The SHGs monitor the entire process of animal rearing, ensuring appropriate feeding of animals, veterinary care, insurance and milk marketing and repayment of loans. The main and by-products of the enterprise will be marketed by the communities involved.

The main enterprises in the farm are Mango and Coconut as perennial crops and Banana and Fodder as annual crops. Ten milch animals, and 2 goats are also raised on a continuous basis. Paddy, black gram, green gram, cotton, sun hemp, daincha and fish are seasonally raised in the farm.

In 2012-2013, construction activitiesin the administrative building were completed and contracts agreed to for the construction of two security sheds, one toilet block, one vermin compost shed and an animal shed. Construction was to begin in April 2013. As part of community outreach, the project extended 29 credits @ Rs.20,000/- per beneficiary for purchase of milch animals. CIKS facilitated the credit disbursal. Sirkazhi Organic Farmers Association (SOFA) does the monitoring of the initiative and stands guarantee for repayment of the credit.

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Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu
Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems and Sirkazhi Organic Farmers Association
Kindernothilfe (KNH)
To create an enterprise that will generate employment;
To provide knowledge inputs on sustainable farming to the surrounding communities
Vrutti's Role
Manage the strategies, business plans, capacities, and systems of the Community Farm to ensure that the objectives are met.
46 acres
Vrutti's Strategy
Collaborative Actions for Scale Implementation