Centre for Education Innovations


Vrutti & CMS have been working in the ‘Education sector’ for the past seventeen years, providing variety of services, across the programme cycle.
 The supports provided by  CMS  & Vrutti in this sector have largely been in the areas of:
  • Large scale concurrent impact evaluations using experimental, quasi-experimental and mixed methods, using quantitative and qualitative techniques
  • Summative evaluations – Project and Programme Evaluations (mid-term and end-term), using variety of methodologies, for stand-alone education programs or education as a part of integrated program
  • Design and Implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems, for programs that focus on learning outcomes
  • Support in Developing Theory of Change/ Result-based Project Plans, for programs and organisations involved in education
  • Sustainability Assessment, for the community organisations and support organisations working/ governing education inputs/ learning outcomes in communities
  • Piloting and Scaling up initiatives (action research and implementation), in collaboration with organisations/ programs to undertake initiatives that address ‘learning outcomes’
  • Research into specific areas, such as level of teachers’ and students’ absenteeism, etc.
  • Facilitating networking and partnerships

Currently Vrutti / CMS is the India Partner & acts as the India hub for the Centre of Education Innovations, a global network run by the Results for Development Institute, US with funding support from the Department for International Development, UK.
  • CEI increases access to quality education for the poor by identifying, analyzing, and connecting non-state education innovations:
  • IDENTIFY: CEI provides comprehensive, up-to-date information about non-state programs with the potential to improve the way education systems operate for the poor.
  • Catalyst Management Services
  • ANALYZE: CEI analyzes programs in order to translate good practices and build the body of research on non-state innovations and their role in education.
  • CONNECT: CEI connects those who are implementing, funding, and analyzing programs in order to facilitate the growth and adaptation of successful models. 


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