Vrutti aims to collaborate with Community Based Organisations (CBOs) whenever possible. Vrutti believes in engaging with the community at every possible level. Some of the CBOs that are currently working with Vrutti include:

  • Kalzhi Kadamadi Farmers Federation, Nagapattinam District, TN
  • Marutham Sustainable Agriculture Producer Company Ltd, Tiruvannamalai District, TN
  • Narmadhanchal Farmer Producer Company Pvt. Ltd, Sehore District, MP
  • Reddiarchatram Sustainable Agriculture Producer Company Ltd, Dindugal District, TN
  • Sahayog Community Coordination Network
  • Sirkazhi Organic Farmers Association, Nagapattinam District, TN
  • Swathi Jyoti, Bangalore, KA
Many national and international donors have worked with Vrutti, including:
Vrutti works with various banks and financial institutions that are interested in supporting social enterprises. These include:

Best Urban Community Micro Enterprise for the year 2012 by Citi Micro Enterprise Awards

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