About Vrutti

Vrutti is a Centre for Sustainable Livelihoods, enhancing people’s well-being through knowledge, innovation and transformative actions.  Our passion is to bring about solutions at a scale that eliminate inequities and marginalisation, and create wealth for the marginalised.    We strongly believe that dynamic, strong, and responsible private sector is a critical ingredient to achieve this, combined with synergetic relationships between people, civil society and public bodies to ensure equity.

Towards this, we develop market-based models of development building on community strengths and promote a culture of entrepreneurship, and facilitate and nutture partnerships to reach scale.  We emphasise on working across levels; we (a) design innovative solutions;  (b) collaborate with partners to implement at a scale;  (c) support development partners to improve their strategies and results;  (d) generate evidence and share knowledge for adoption; and (e) make meaningful engagement for shaping polices for sustaining change.

To establish a centre for excellence that contributes to livelihood promotion and improves the quality of life of disadvantaged group, while enhancing people’s well-being through knowledge, innovation and transformative actions.
Promoting livelihoods of disadvantaged groups by working with communities and development partners; towards developing effective strategies, processes, models and support systems; through participatory action research, management services and sector level support

Vrutti works directly with communities, supports other organizations, networks and individuals working on livelihoods promotion, does knowledge building and dissemination and engages at policy level. Vrutti as a resource centre works with variety of organizations: Multi-lateral and bi-lateral agencies, International and national non-Governmental organizations, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Micro-finance institutions (mFIs) and the corporate.

Catalyst Management Services, a consulting firm working in social development, established Vrutti to address the need for social, technical and managerial resources in the livelihoods sector.

Vrutti’s core team is drawn from management, social work and public health backgrounds and has research, planning, policy making and training skills. The organisation also draws on the Catalyst Group institution in cross-sectoral and management support areas.

Vrutti is registered as a Not-for-profit Society in the year 2004, under the Societies Registration Act, 1960; and also registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) of the Government of India.