State Head-Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh


Reporting to: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

If you fit the bill - please send an email with your resume to  APPLYING FOR State Head-MP & CG ( Their Name ) in the subject line to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Key Role:  Achieving the strategic intent of Vrutti and steering the state operations of Vrutti and its group organizations. State Coordinator-MP & CG role assume critical importance. State Coordinator-MP & CG will carry forward the Vrutti’s mandate and contribute to improving visibility and creditability of Catalyst group in the states. The role of a State Coordinator will be in implementing projects, and in generating new works in the region, related to Vrutti specifically and Catalyst group generally.  


The State Head is a very responsible and accountable position. It is, therefore, necessary to visualize possible results that are expected to be delivered during the financial year. The work is largely driven by teams. Therefore the expectations are not necessarily from a person. However being the team leader in the state, State Head will assume accountability for what happens and what does not. The State Head will be provided all necessary infrastructures, technical and managerial support to fulfill his/her role responsibly. The results envisaged from this position are described below:

  1. Geographical Expansion: The focus state in this year expanding and deepening of the work in the state and within the districts. Most of what is envisaged in terms of results is expected in Deepening of the work in the existing districts. It will be important to demonstrate increased visibility in the state of MP and CG.
  2. Implementation of Innovative models: At least in 4 locations Business Acceleration Unit (BAU) models are being established in the Sehore, Hoshangabad, Chhindwara (MP) and Kanker (CG) districts. The model has to be established and there has to be the outcome of impacts visible in the communities.
  3. Strengthening of producer organization and making them viable PO: Strengthening of the producer organization promoted under Vrutti in the state of MP& CG and lead to becoming a viable producer organization in the coming year, resource mobilization hs to be achieved in order to strengthen the producer organization. Quantum of resources generated is a benchmark calculated based on the requirements for sustaining the Vrutti initiatives and strategic direction.
  4. Establishment of different commodity specific value chains and market linkages: Vrutti already identified the BAU and FPCs specific commodity across the locations. State coordinator reasonability is to assess the production, value addition, storage, market linkages opportunity and perform business.
  5. Technical Support for supporting inclusive livelihoods promotion by other livelihoods promoting institutions: Vrutti as an organization supports other livelihoods promotion institutions in the effective delivery of their mandates. It is expected that at least 3 such institutions will be supported intensively during the year. This is essential as state operations are for the strategic purpose of expanding Vrutti and overall Catalyst group contribution in the region.
  6. Building up networks: Vrutti as a resource centre will be effective when it works with a variety of other institutions in the sector. The presence, visibility, and credibility of Vrutti will be enhanced during the year. Vrutti will be seen in all important and relevant forums at regional and state level. Vrutti role and experiences will be appreciated in many discussions groups.
  7. Supporting Small CSOs in Effective Delivery of Livelihoods models: Vrutti intends to reach a scale working with partners, with the technical and business services so as they are improving their existing incomes and enterprises. Achieving that will require us to work with a number of smaller CSOs in each of the states. It is expected that during the year, at least few CSOs in MP and CG will be supported by Vrutti in improving their livelihoods strategies and implementation. The results so achieved through such support will be well documented.
  8. I Got Crop(IGT) implementation: State coordinator responsibility is to ensure the IGT- information technology tool implementation through BAU team to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all business.
  9. Policy Engagement: At least one thematic area will be seriously pursued to some concrete results. The processes and results of the policy engagements will be documented.    
  10. Effective delivery system: State Coordinator MP and CG will design and establish the necessary delivery systems for Vrutti’s work in the state, which will mean team mobilization, recruitment, induction, capacity building and on the job support. State Coordinator will also provide the necessary support in the implementation of Catalyst Group work in the state.


Apart from the above, perform any specific roles/ tasks assigned to him/her from time to time by the reporting officer, based on the needs and priorities of the Organisation


Traveling requirement:  The job will involve travel to project sites within the state, outside state and district of base location.

Education: Post Graduate /MBA in Agri, NRM, Rural Management

Experiences: 8+  Years of relevant experience

Compensation :  Will commensurate with experience 





Desired Experience:

 More than five years of experience in development sector especially working on the Livelihood promotion in different thematic areas such as Agriculture and allied activities, micro enterprises, community-based organizations (SHG, JLG, Federations, Cooperative, Producer Companies), microfinance/financial inclusion and social protection;

  • Working in cross-cutting areas such as HIV-livelihoods, financial inclusion, social protection; Disaster and livelihoods;
  • Worked or supported different types of producer organization - the areas of support in vision building, strategic business plan, market study, value chain studies, mentoring and handholding support provided
  • Conducting value chain studies, market studies - facilitated the organizations to implement the findings from the studies
  • Reviewing and assessing the different livelihood programs, community-based organization, etc - alone and also as a team member
  • Resource mobilization - Identifying the opportunities and writing proposals and getting the work
  • Team Player and good mentoring skills.